A “Legal Tsunami” affecting properties in Fuerteventura

21 Apr, 2020

How will the regulations on property rights due to the COVID-19 state of alert affect us?

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We receive many questions concerning the legal measurements imposed by the government due to the state of emergency COVID-19 and especially concerns about how to interpret these rules. Citizens are confused, legal experts too.

The full range of Decrees, Laws, Royal Decrees and Orders which are imposed, often modifying the original legislation, is a complex regulatory block very difficult to interpret and, on many occasions, even more difficult to apply.

When we consult the BOE (Boletín Oficial del Estado), we find a long list of regulations published under this COVID-19 emergency situation.


Therefore it is important not to jump to any conclusions based on reading newspaper articles or commentaries, without reading the actual regulations. As mentioned before, it is a complicated matter and there are probably several interpretations or solutions possible.

How will these new regulations on leases affect us? Can they harm my property in Fuerteventura?

In case you struggle with a specific situation, which requires a detailed analysis of several aspects, at LAJARES LAW OFFICES we are happy to advise you.

These days we also hear about the possibility of existing measures concerning second homes. In extreme situations the public administration can impose the occupation of empty homes to meet the housing needs. Which is a kind of “forced rent” on homes subject to the public authorities and, in their absence, also on private homes. It is a regulated aid to tenants who find themselves in a situation of exceptional vulnerability. What is not said, is that this “forced rent” on private properties is going to be for free and, logically, to be processed as an expropriation procedure for temporary occupations. It is concerning news for many of us.

How to understand and  how to interpret this “legal tsunami”? How do we prepare us and how do we protect our property rights in Fuerteventura?

The best thing to do is to request professional advice. Contact us with your questions.

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