LAJARES, The ideal city.

22 Nov, 2022

How  to make of Lajares a little part of how you wish the world to be?

We are facing an accelerating climate of tourism, population, infrastructure issues and some other difficulties which may affect the way we have always known our lovely village, Lajares. In these booming times we have an unprecedented opportunity to rethink, to adapt, and to re-design Lajares. We have the opportunity to create a new place, which we will all love.

For sure we are not facing the same  kind of threats, challenges and problems like the big cities across Europe, but we are facing our own difficulties of becoming bigger. Some problems might raise of we do not move forward.

The magic of Lajares!

Lajares is a fascinating place, but some actions are required to make it even a better place, and we should face these actions with a creative, playful and optimism mind. This is the challenge for our little ideal city, Lajares.

The magic of Lajares is based on the harmony existing between local people, residents and people visiting us. Lajares officers you this kind of magic which goes further as no other place in the Canary Islands. 

SPACE10 | Research and Design Lab inspires us.

We are happy to present their conclusions, as one of the main think-tank organizations about the future of our cities. Their conclusions are easily and happily accepted by all the people living here or coming to visit us. 

RESOURCEFUL, we need to be ecologically and economically sustainable, prioritizing circular principles, meaning fully closed waters, materials and energy loops. Its build sustainably and uses waste as a resource.

ACCESIBLE, Lajares provides access to all the diversity of people coming to visit us, that´s why we like Lajares, and we want to ensure fair and equal access to urban amenities, services, business, sport, nature and health.

SHARED, we have to maintain the social interactions and improve through shared facilities the public or private spaces, coworking and co-livings, technologies as a smart city not forgetting that we are a special tourism destination where people are searching for an authentic village and a soul to be defended, the nature, the sports and the relaxing way of living as a form of life.

SAFE, we need to maintain the existing safety, in all the aspects and even improve it for the future.

DESIREABLE,  Lajares has to be from now and for the future a place that is a pleasure to be in, being designed on a human scale, accessible within a 15-minute walk. Not bigger but much better, much greener being compulsory that people should keep their properties with nice gardens, houses well maintained, well designed…..

The Public Authorities have an important role in this matter. But we also, as members of the community, we need to transmit our ideas and communicate our goals and desires for our little city.

Feel free to provide us your comments, propositions, ideas, desires, visions,… we will try to inform the municipality or the islands government of your thoughts. It is the perfect timing to do this, as the elections are coming soon…

Lets try to make of Lajares the best place to be, or to visit!

We Law You!

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