Legal security to acquire/invest in a property​ in Fuerteventura​.

29 Dec, 2022

In 2023, All you need is LAW!

Property wise, 2022 has been a sensational year for Fuerteventura. The island has been the destination of choice for many people who have realised the benefits of investing in Fuerteventura. We cannot deny that our island is a preferred destination and those who visit us wish to stay or return many times.

We want to thank our clients, co-workers and friends, for whom we care tremendously. It has been a pleasure assisting you. We are sorry if some elements didn’t go 100% as expected and we apologise for it. We will continue improving.

The legal system on the island is improving.

The property system on the island is secure, the institutions are responding to the necessary call of the real estate operators by providing the necessary legal security that must inspire any investment action. We have seen that many of the impediments to investment, the lack of diligence and speed in resolving the requests of those in need (building permits, planning, registry information and notary services, fiscal acts) are being modernised and are being resolved in a more agile and efficient manner.

Municipal administrations are modernising.

Let us hope that the unjustified delays on the part of the Municipal Administrations in resolving the requests that the Law grants to the citizens, which is none other than to resolve the files within a reasonable period of time, are left behind, and for the moment and we hope that this celerity and speed will remain forever, not as a desire but as an obligation that the Public Administrations have.

We must be sincere and especially in the northern area, the Town Hall of La Oliva and its Technical Office have deployed an incessant activity that has surprised and pleased us especially and we can only be delighted. Another Town Hall with great professionals at the helm, such as Antigua, has improved its services enormously and this is inspiring news. Congratulations to all municipal workers.

We cannot forget that certain aspects such as obsolete planning, lack of human resources, resolution of large investments, tourist-residential conflicts, etc., continue to generate great problems for the citizens and we continue to call on the Public Administrations to modernise, to be diligent in their responses (a late resolution is not diligent) and, as a user and affected, not to give these images of political confrontation, which are certainly reprehensible.

The Land Registry in Fuerteventura. An Asian luxury.

The system of the Land Registry works perfectly, with efficient and professional registrars, who ensure that the real estate traffic is safe and gives security when investing. They are a pleasure to work with. Congratulations to all of them and their teams.

Notaries on Fuerteventura. Free choice and exceptional services.

We have notaries of the highest level who, without prejudice to the immense activity carried out, have offered a level of attention and legal rigour perfectly comparable, if not superior, to any notary service in any part of Spain. The professional zeal in their advice and the public function carried out, the staff in their charge, always under the obligatory premise of the free designation of the notary that allows us to choose the notary that best suits our requirements or interests, make us grateful for their actions. Congratulations to them and their teams.

The tax authorities are listening to us, which is not a bad thing.

The Tax Administration, which always frightens us, is being agile in its procedures and has improved its services to citizens, which is always a gift as the greatest legal defencelessness is not knowing what we are facing. Thank you also.

The Military and Property Law.

The military, when it comes to granting authorisations to non-EU citizens, have shown that the agility they have demonstrated is transferable to them. They have greatly reduced this procedure and for that, thank you.

A few buts.

It is true that, for structural reasons, some services are suffering from some shortcomings, such as the allocation of NIEs, but we are hopeful that we will soon return to the pace and service delivery we enjoyed not so long ago.

We cannot hide the fact that there is always something missing and never enough, but we can at least observe a certain trend of improvement, which we hope will not break and will be maintained and improved over time.

We Law You and we Law Fuerteventura.

It is good to be well advised.


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