Why is “All you need is Law” the main quote of Lajares Law Offices?

17 Jun, 2021

Fuerteventura offers many things to be passionate about

When someone decides to buy, sell, invest or live in Fuerteventura, they are often influenced by passionate, intuitive decisions, in which the heart is more important than the head. The island of Fuerteventura and especially the north of the island, offers many elements to be passionate about; endless beaches, the best climate in the world, an international atmosphere without losing the Canarian essence, security, connectivity etc…as we explained in our previous blog 10+1 Reasons to buy Real Estate in Fuerteventura – Lajares Law Offices

And this is fantastic because life-changing decisions have to be based on many factors, including the intangible aspects, which are very personal to each individual.

Legal and financial advice to realise your dream

But as it is easy to understand that the rational side needs to be considered as well, so that the image we have in our head won’t be distorted, and that the dream we have does not turn into a nightmare.

We offer our clients full accompagnement in their dream of a change of life, of an opportunity to improve their life, and this requires that when advising on an investment, business or a transfer, the passionate aspect is underbuilt with the right legal and financial advice.

On the one hand, it allows the decision taken to be complied with in accordance with the law and in compliance with legal obligations, and on the other hand, throughout the life of the decision already taken, the incidents that will obviously occur in all aspects (administrative, with third parties, with new rules) are foreseen or the necessary means are used to avoid complications.

Law as a counterbalance of Love

It is a pun, assimilating the similar phonetic tonality of “LOVE” with “LAW”, which explains that, recognising the decisions that our clients take with all their passion, the “LOVE” element has its logical counterbalance in the necessary assumption of full compliance with the law, the “LAW” of any decision in which objective elements that any investment or decision requires must be assessed, as the legal, financial, fiscal, administrative and administrative implications are enormous…..

Decisions based on LOVE and LAW are mathematically the best decisions that can be taken.

We are passionate about our clients’ spirit, their dreams, their concerns and understanding this allows us to act and advise them about the legal terms in an exquisite way.

We like the law, we know it, we apply it and we like our clients and their satisfaction even more when they achieve and fulfil their dream.

That is why, WE LAW YOU.

All You Need Is Law centered