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Being a foreigner in Spain and keeping your taxes in order is not always easy to do. Whether you reside in Spain or you live elsewhere but have legal needs in connection to Spain, we are the trusted partner to help and assist you.

Residence or Tax Residence?
That is the question! Often people confuse Spanish Tax Residence with Spanish Residence but there is a big difference…


Spanish Residence Card

Often people confuse the Spanish Tax Residence, with the Spanish Residence.

In other words, people think that the Spanish Residence Card, or Certification obtained in the Spanish National Police, is enough to demonstrate that they are Spanish Residents for Taxes, and, unfortunately, this is not enough.

The Spanish Residence Card, is not valid to change your Tax Residence from your country of origin to Spain. The Spanish Residence Card (or Certificate) only serves to declare that you are “living” in Spain, in order to facilitate the Police to have a better control over the residents in an area.

In order to become Spanish resident for taxes, and then start to pay your Taxes in Spain, you must obtain the Spanish Residence Tax Certification issued by the Spanish Tax Office or Spanish Customs, and then you will start to pay your taxes in Spain, and not in your country.

Let’s start with some fundamental issues:

  • Which tax obligations do i have as owner of a property in Spain?
  • Which are the taxes i have to pay when i buy or sell a property?
  • Which are the taxes i have to pay when i rent out my property?

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